Faith and Light

Emmaus Centre was created for the purpose of spiritual support for people with disabilities, their families and all those who share their lives with them.
The Centre was founded in 2001 and works within the Ukrainian Catholic University.

“Faith and Light” is an international Christian movement of communities, uniting people with an intellectual disability, their families and friends, especially young people, for mutual support and friendship. The community life includes regular meetings in order to communicate, pray and celebrate. The community members also participate in common Liturgies, pilgrimages, summer camps, retreats. Today there are 32 communities of “Faith and Light” in 15 cities of Ukraine.

Secretariat of “Faith and Light” in Ukraine
Emmaus Centre – the Centre of Spiritual Support for People with Special Needs
Ukrainian Catholic University
vul. Svientsitskoho, 17
tel. (0322)2409940 (107)
e-mail: [email protected]